Annual General Meeting 2021

British Columbia Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association

Thursday, November 25, 2021

6:00 7:00 PM

Pendrell Room

Sylvia Hotel - On English Bay
1154 Gilford Street, Vancouver, BC
(Free Parking underground; entrance in back of hotel)






of the



British Columbia Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association

Date: Annual General Mtg. Wed. Oct 2, 2019 @ 4:00 PM

Location: David Livingstone Elementary School (Library) 

315 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver 


Attendance – ILA / BCLCILA memberships verified

Linda Klassen <>,

Liz Bell

Karen Addie

Lorna Bennett

Honey Halpern <>

Shirley Choo

Geri Gruft

Lori Jamison

Carrie Froese <>

Kelly Patrick:

Polly Dobie:

Garth Brooks <>,

Mike Bowden (preferred email)


  1. Welcome, Introductions and Refreshments:


  1. Visioning:

-      Brief history of why BCLCILA - ReadingBC has come back to establish itself as a presence in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver .

-      Kamloops had a vibrant literacy community.  Intention was to move BCLCILA to Kamloops to grow the organization. Has not been successful over the last 3 years.  Moving BCLCILA back to Vancouver for another attempt to grow the organization.

-      Emphasis on building capacity around literacy in B.C[Office1] .

-      Focus has been on recruiting a diverse range of educators with well-developed networks with practicing teachers (ie. elementary[Office2] [CF3] , secondary, library, public and private systems, classroom teachers, resource teachers and administrators)

-      Two events were held in June, 2018 at University Hill Elementary School to indicate the BCLCILA is active in the Lower Mainland and to provide a template for the running of a Professional Development Event and Community Literacy Event. The purpose was to promote ILA and build capacity.  Joyce Perreault[Office4] , Indigenous author and Indigenous[Office5]  Support Worker at Elementary / Middle School facilitated both events focusing on Medicine Wheel teachings featuring her new book, All Creation Represented.

-      Website has been updated.  It is a work in progress.

-      Twitter Handle established for BCLiteracyCouncil-Canada @BCLiteracyCoun1 to establish a social media presence:  81 followers to date.  Please remember to include handle in tweets.

-      Discussion about the session Lori has decided to provide will lead the author session (Pro-d / date and location t.b.a.)

-      Discussion about getting the information out /promote regularly (communication/social media.)

-      Discussion about link to ILA membership and provincial membership-discussion about ‘branch for membership’

-      Discussion about linking our members with ILA at the AGM (networking / face to face/conversations). “It’s a gathering and a sharing.”

-      Discussion about people around the province wanting to have a voice and to be supported.


  1. Book Sharing:  tabled until the next meeting.

  2. Bylaws review: 

            -Motion:  name of association, defining more what the coordinator does, roles played and to played by the Executive.

-We do not have a parallel structure with ILA.  and have struggled as a group and so it will be tabled for a future.

Motion: To defer discussion to a future date.

Motion by Shirley seconded by Lori



Thank you to Garth, Mike and Carrie for their work on the by-laws revision


  1. Additions to the Agenda


Motion to accept – Linda

Seconded by Karen



  1. Acceptance of the Minutes of AGM (Jan. 17, 2017) & Business Meeting (May 12, 2019) Previous Minutes Approval:

Motion to approve: Linda

Seconded by Karen. 

Carried / 2 Abstentions


  1. President’s Report: Mike B. is not at meeting in person / Carrie provided an overview of move from the Interior to Lower Mainland Vancouver


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Motion – Garth

Seconded by Linda.

Discussion of financial report. 

Carried – No Abstentions


  1. Provincial Coordinator’s Report / Carrie Froese
    -Two councils have been inactive / Mike aspires to revitalize South Central Literacy Assoc. group based in Kamloops / Carrie aspiring to revitalize BCLCILA in Lower Mainland of Vancouver, B.C.
  2. Outreach Report – Honey Halpern – Nil report
  3. Membership Report / Carrie Froese
    -The last membership list does not accurately reflect new members.

-Approximately 42 members as of October 2, 2019.


  1. Election of Executive 2019-2020
    Nominations and Voting-

Past President (appointed position): Mike Bowden,

President: Carrie Froese (acclaimed) / Honey Halpern (Withdrew her name)

V.P.: Linda Klassen (acclaimed)

Director of Membership Development: Kelly Patrick (winner by majority vote) / Lorna Bennett,

Secretary: Polly Dobie (winner by majority vote) / Meredith Kezar

Treasurer: Garth Brooks (winner by majority vote) / Shirley Choo


Recommendation for Provincial Co-ordinator : Karen Addie / Lori Jamieson (withdrew her name)


Motion to destroy the ballots after being tallied

Moved – Lori

Seconded – Honey



Thank you to all of the people who put their names forward for consideration.


  1. Elected council 2019-2020:

President: Carrie Froese

Vice President: Linda Klassen,

Director of Membership Development: Kelly Patrick

Secretary: Polly Dobie


Treasurer: Garth Brooks


Recommended Provincial Coordinator : Karen Addie


  1. Proposed Resolutions/ New Business/ Mike Bowden:   Request that bylaws be considered.

Motion:  A date be set before the next meeting for clarification of bylaws.

Moved – Garth

Seconded – Polly


Motion:  The date to clarify bylaws be set for November 25, 2019.

Moved – Garth

Seconded - Carrie


20. Strategic Planning Committee / Mike Bowden:  tabled
21. Grant and Project Committee:  tabled
22.  ILA Canadian Reception/ Garth Brooks:  tabled
23. CSIG-L/ Garth Brooks:  tabled
8. ILA Attendance:  Mike, Carrie and Garth to attend upcoming conference in New Orleans


Carrie has scheduled a meeting with Tiffany Sears at ILA to discuss revitalization of BCLCILA in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, as well as, including but not limited to good governance, by-law revision, procedures and policies, on-line votes, Spring Training session with ILA staff

9.   Financial Institutions /By-Laws :  tabled
10.  Annual Calendar: tabled
11.  Next Meeting: t.b.a.
12.  Meeting adjourned:  6:45 pm

Moved - Garth / Seconded -  Karen / Carried