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AGM 2021

British Columbia Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association

Thursday, November 25, 2021

6:00 – 7:00 PM

Pendrell Room

Sylvia Hotel - On English Bay
1154 Gilford Street, Vancouver, BC
(Free Parking underground; entrance in back of hotel)

AGM 2020 - Minutes
By Kathryn Self Ransdell

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Entering the World of Graphic Novels - A Panel Presentation
Posted on January 19th 2020

Hosted by Carrie Froese - President ReadingBC / BC Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association / Principal - David Livingstone Elementary School.  Check out

A panel discussion about the world of graphic novels including to date:

Trent Doiron - Youth and Family Worker / Graphic Novel Enthusiast

Anna Found - Grade 7 student & Graphic Novel Enthusiast

Kelly Patrick - Secondary Librarian, ReadingBC / BCLCILA Executive member

Kathryn Ransdell - parent / Orton Gillingham tutor in training

Date Thursday, February 27, 2020  6:45 - 8:00 pm 

Place - David LIvingstone Elementary Library

Refreshments and draw prizes included.

Free registration through Eventbrite:

Odyssey ProD Conference 2020
Posted on January 19th 2020


A Journey Started with Indigenous Reconciliation through Children's Literature & Voice.

On Friday, February 14, I had the privilege of addressing an audience of 30 at the Odyssey 2020 conference with the Langley SD #35.   My workshop explored three children's stories and books, Flight of the Hummingbird by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanass, Taan's Moons: A Haida Moon Story by Alison Gear, and The Six Cedar Trees by Margot Landahl and Celestine Aleck  and how these stories can be introduced in the classroom to present Indigenous knowledge in ways that honour and celebrates Indigenous gifts. Representing the BCLCILA, the book The Flight of the Hummingbird was the door prize and was also the highlight of the workshop. 


Like the hummingbird in the forest fire, it is our time to do what we can to undo the historical regret, that education has been used as a tool of oppression for Indigenous people.  Conversation, from the perspective of the animals standing around the fire, centred around politics, environmental issues and most importantly explored ways that education can be a voice for Indigenous reconciliation.   Attendees were invited to identify the fire in their own lives that they are making an effort to put out.  I shared my own journey with the Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement and my exploration of ways to let the story of reconciliation reveal itself through the voices of children.


Linda Klassen is an educator of over 30 years.  She is the Principal of Coghlan Fundamental Elementary School in SD #35 and the Vice President of the BC Literacy Council for International Reading Association.

Creativity Through Cookbooks
Posted on January 19th 2020

This event was hosted by BCLCILA members, Kelly Patrick, and Polly Dobie at Point Grey Secondary School.  Over 25 educators came together to hear Kelly share her experiences as an author of cookbooks and discuss reading, writing, and talking about food.  Thanks to Dianne Martinson for facilitating the break-out session on Travel and cookbooks; to Carrie Froese for facilitating the session about supporting elementary literacy learners; and Polly Dobie for facilitating the session for secondary teachers.  And yes, the snacks were wonderful:)

AGM 2019 - Minutes
By Polly Dobie








of the



British Columbia Literacy Council of the International Literacy Association

Date: Annual General Mtg. Wed. Oct 2, 2019 @ 4:00 PM

Location: David Livingstone Elementary School (Library) 

315 East 23rd Avenue, Vancouver 


Attendance – ILA / BCLCILA memberships verified

Linda Klassen <>,

Liz Bell

Karen Addie

Lorna Bennett

Honey Halpern <>

Shirley Choo

Geri Gruft

Lori Jamison

Carrie Froese <>

Kelly Patrick:

Polly Dobie:

Garth Brooks <>,

Mike Bowden (preferred email)


  1. Welcome, Introductions and Refreshments:


  1. Visioning:

-      Brief history of why BCLCILA - ReadingBC has come back to establish itself as a presence in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver .

-      Kamloops had a vibrant literacy community.  Intention was to move BCLCILA to Kamloops to grow the organization. Has not been successful over the last 3 years.  Moving BCLCILA back to Vancouver for another attempt to grow the organization.

-      Emphasis on building capacity around literacy in B.C[Office1] .

-      Focus has been on recruiting a diverse range of educators with well-developed networks with practicing teachers (ie. elementary[Office2] [CF3] , secondary, library, public and private systems, classroom teachers, resource teachers and administrators)

-      Two events were held in June, 2018 at University Hill Elementary School to indicate the BCLCILA is active in the Lower Mainland and to provide a template for the running of a Professional Development Event and Community Literacy Event. The purpose was to promote ILA and build capacity.  Joyce Perreault[Office4] , Indigenous author and Indigenous[Office5]  Support Worker at Elementary / Middle School facilitated both events focusing on Medicine Wheel teachings featuring her new book, All Creation Represented.

-      Website has been updated.  It is a work in progress.

-      Twitter Handle established for BCLiteracyCouncil-Canada @BCLiteracyCoun1 to establish a social media presence:  81 followers to date.  Please remember to include handle in tweets.

-      Discussion about the session Lori has decided to provide will lead the author session (Pro-d / date and location t.b.a.)

-      Discussion about getting the information out /promote regularly (communication/social media.)

-      Discussion about link to ILA membership and provincial membership-discussion about ‘branch for membership’

-      Discussion about linking our members with ILA at the AGM (networking / face to face/conversations). “It’s a gathering and a sharing.”

-      Discussion about people around the province wanting to have a voice and to be supported.


  1. Book Sharing:  tabled until the next meeting.

  2. Bylaws review: 

            -Motion:  name of association, defining more what the coordinator does, roles played and to played by the Executive.

-We do not have a parallel structure with ILA.  and have struggled as a group and so it will be tabled for a future.

Motion: To defer discussion to a future date.

Motion by Shirley seconded by Lori



Thank you to Garth, Mike and Carrie for their work on the by-laws revision


  1. Additions to the Agenda


Motion to accept – Linda

Seconded by Karen



  1. Acceptance of the Minutes of AGM (Jan. 17, 2017) & Business Meeting (May 12, 2019) Previous Minutes Approval:

Motion to approve: Linda

Seconded by Karen. 

Carried / 2 Abstentions


  1. President’s Report: Mike B. is not at meeting in person / Carrie provided an overview of move from the Interior to Lower Mainland Vancouver


  1. Treasurer’s Report:

Motion – Garth

Seconded by Linda.

Discussion of financial report. 

Carried – No Abstentions


  1. Provincial Coordinator’s Report / Carrie Froese
    -Two councils have been inactive / Mike aspires to revitalize South Central Literacy Assoc. group based in Kamloops / Carrie aspiring to revitalize BCLCILA in Lower Mainland of Vancouver, B.C.
  2. Outreach Report – Honey Halpern – Nil report
  3. Membership Report / Carrie Froese
    -The last membership list does not accurately reflect new members.

-Approximately 42 members as of October 2, 2019.


  1. Election of Executive 2019-2020
    Nominations and Voting-

Past President (appointed position): Mike Bowden,

President: Carrie Froese (acclaimed) / Honey Halpern (Withdrew her name)

V.P.: Linda Klassen (acclaimed)

Director of Membership Development: Kelly Patrick (winner by majority vote) / Lorna Bennett,

Secretary: Polly Dobie (winner by majority vote) / Meredith Kezar

Treasurer: Garth Brooks (winner by majority vote) / Shirley Choo


Recommendation for Provincial Co-ordinator : Karen Addie / Lori Jamieson (withdrew her name)


Motion to destroy the ballots after being tallied

Moved – Lori

Seconded – Honey



Thank you to all of the people who put their names forward for consideration.


  1. Elected council 2019-2020:

President: Carrie Froese

Vice President: Linda Klassen,

Director of Membership Development: Kelly Patrick

Secretary: Polly Dobie


Treasurer: Garth Brooks


Recommended Provincial Coordinator : Karen Addie


  1. Proposed Resolutions/ New Business/ Mike Bowden:   Request that bylaws be considered.

Motion:  A date be set before the next meeting for clarification of bylaws.

Moved – Garth

Seconded – Polly


Motion:  The date to clarify bylaws be set for November 25, 2019.

Moved – Garth

Seconded - Carrie


20. Strategic Planning Committee / Mike Bowden:  tabled
21. Grant and Project Committee:  tabled
22.  ILA Canadian Reception/ Garth Brooks:  tabled
23. CSIG-L/ Garth Brooks:  tabled
8. ILA Attendance:  Mike, Carrie and Garth to attend upcoming conference in New Orleans


Carrie has scheduled a meeting with Tiffany Sears at ILA to discuss revitalization of BCLCILA in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, as well as, including but not limited to good governance, by-law revision, procedures and policies, on-line votes, Spring Training session with ILA staff

9.   Financial Institutions /By-Laws :  tabled
10.  Annual Calendar: tabled
11.  Next Meeting: t.b.a.
12.  Meeting adjourned:  6:45 pm

Moved - Garth / Seconded -  Karen / Carried


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Stepping Stones
By Margriet Ruurs

Date:  January 16, 2017

Time:  4:00 pm - Come Early for a School Tour

Place:  Norma Rose Point Elementary School 

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Colleen Cruz

Colleen Cruz

“One Teacher – Thirty-Two Needs”

Successful Strategies for Reaching Diverse Writers

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Executive Hotel: 4201 Lougheed Highway, Burnaby


Colleen Cruz tackles one of the most significant issues in writing instruction today: How to reach the needs of struggling writers. Teaching the skill of writing is viewed by many educators as a major objective; teaching the will of writing is too often an afterthought. Through her humourous personal experiences and her practical suggestions for teaching writing in the classroom, Colleen Cruz inspired teachers and gave them the tools to help their students to become enamoured with writing.


Ms. Colleen Cruz is a dynamic writer, educator, and consultant, who serves as an instructor at Columbia University in New York, where she teaches at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project. Through the Project, she works as a staff developer in New York City public schools, as well as a literacy consultant nationally and internationally. Author of many teachers’ resource guides and the young adult novel, Border Crossing, Colleen shares her love for reading and writing, as well as her experience teaching writers with diverse needs in a witty, fun, and powerful way.




8-8:30 Registration and “Kidsbooks” display

8:30-10:15 Keynote: “One Teacher – Thirty Two Needs”

10:15-11:15 Break (tea, coffee, and snack will be served)

11:15-12:30 “One Teacher – Thirty Two Needs, Topics, and Plans”



1:30 – 2:45 Teaching Writing Through Pop Culture


Registration Information:

Full Day:

IRA Members: $90

Non-members: $100

Morning Only:

IRA Members: $60

Non-members: $70

Discount for Group of 8 (full day only):

$686.50 ($85.80 per person)



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Steven Layne

 The BC Council of the International Reading Association

Welcomes Dr. Steven Layne

on October 19th, 2012

We invite you to learn more about

Dr. Layne and to visit his website at:

Steven Layne


“Confessions of a Reading Arsonist”
Successful strategies for building lifelong readers: great ideas you can put in place tomorrow!
With his trademark combination of humor and heart, Steven Layne tackles one of the most significant issues in reading instruction today: how to engage reluctant readers. Teaching the skill of reading is viewed by many educators as a major objective; teaching the will of reading is too often an afterthought. Dr. Layne's charismatic blend of anecdotes and practical suggestions for the classroom are sure to fan the flame of literacy into a raging inferno, inspiring teachers as well as their students to keep the bedside lamp on just a little bit later into the night.
Dr. Steven L. Layne serves as Professor of Literacy Education at Judson University in Elgin, IL, USA, where he teaches graduate courses and directs the School of Education’s Master of Literacy program.  Dr. Layne is a respected international literacy consultant, motivational keynote speaker, and featured author throughout the world.  Author of 23 books, Steve is currently serving as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association.



IRA Membership Number

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Getting Graphic: Effective Literacy Learning with Comics and Graphic Literature
By Bev DeMonyé

Our recent October 21 professional development event, Getting Graphic was attended by over 150 educators. They came from school districts throughout the province and we were excited to have approximately 30 students!  Our four presenters did a fabulous job of offering participants a wonderful balance of information.

  •  Jo-Anne Naslund, Instructional Programs Librarian, University of British Columbia, reviewed criteria for the selection and evaluation of graphic texts for teaching purposes and independent reading.
  • Kathie Shoemaker, Author/Illustrator, addressed the process of creating graphic literature.
  • Margot Filipenko, Senior Instructor, University of British Columbia, brought new meaning to the term graphic literature as a multimodal genre and explained why teachers should use comics and graphic literature in the classroom.
  • Dionne Risler, Grade One Teacher from Collingwood elementary, explained how she uses graphic literature with her students to teach both reading and writing.


This was truly an event that had wide appeal to many educators at different levels and in different teaching situations!

As an added bonus, Vi Hughes, President of CWILL (Children’s Writers and Illustrators of BC Society) arranged for a group of BC authors to attend the conference and provide participants with an opportunity to review their publications that have a highly visual aspect and relate to current curriculum.   For more about CWILL, go to

Kidsbooks provided an on site store for the convenient previewing and purchasing of books. For further information about the books at our conference go to

Next year on Friday, October 19th, 2012 (Provincial Professional Development Day) we will be sponsoring another event at the Executive Inn in Burnaby.  We have arranged for Dr. Steve Layne to be our presenter.  Dr. Layne is on the International Reading Association board of directors and is a world renowned speaker.  Visit his website at  

For more information go to the Upcoming Events section of our website.

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